8 Amp DC Smart Battery Charger
Product Code: PSD008
Category: Battery Chargers
Brand: Pro User
R 999.00
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Much efficient: 2-3 times faster than traditional charger, as the current is so clean and the voltage is well controlled Less energy lose: Digitally controlled by MCU gives exactly the right current and right current and voltage Produce less heat: The generated ripple is negligible, small and cooled down by natural convection Compact in Unit Size: Half size of Linear Charger Highly efficient on charging and keep the longest possible life to battery
12V, 8 Amp, 9 stages charging smart battery charger LCD display with back light Build in battery tester with voltage displayed Desulfating function IP65 rating Short circuit/ reverse/ spark proof/ protection Additional metal hanger
Material: Plastic Color: Black Origin: China
6 Months
CE/IEC Certification

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