Midas, the flagship franchise of the family, is a retail store designed around the needs of any vehicle owner, focusing on various product ranges, from motor parts and accessories through to lifestyle equipment. There are over 300 franchised outlets in Southern Africa, including Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The mechanism of distribution to owner managed retail stores continues to be the most successful and efficient. the equity-building menu for the brand is a combination of print media, online presences, sponsorships, radio and TV campaigns with the return on investment being increased member sales.


In addition 25 million seasonal brochures are produced and distributed every year to drive consumer feet into the stores and increase franchise retail sales. A key differentiator for the Midas stores is a focus on quality product, from both the global brands and the Groups’ own private label brands. This allows the Midas franchise network to offer countrywide guarantees against manufacturers’ defects on all product it sells.




The greatest asset any new Midas owner could have is passion, to understand the core business, to understand the people that the business directly affects, and the passion to see the business succeed,” comments Scheepers. The very quiet, overachiever, tells aBr how it’s done:


WHERE IT ALL BEGAN - Before I progressed into the spares business, I worked as an operations manager at Babcock. It took me a total of 12 years to work my way up to becoming an operations manager. I later decided, a little over 20 years ago to open a company called ERAA Motors with my brother and two of my cousins. We have split-up since then and have all embarked on our own personal endeavours. It has been just over 20 years since we started this journey.


THE MOVE INTO A MIDAS FRANCHISE -  When we initially started the business, we were as independent as could be. It was in about 1998 that we joined the Midas family, also converting a few independent stores that we acquired along the way. The initial decision to open our stores was never to get “rich quick and get out”, it was to become part and parcel of the community. And becoming part of the Midas Franchise was a choice to take on the best brand, with the best prices and the best quality.


THE BENEFITS OF BELONGING TO THE MIDAS FAMILY - I see Midas as being the key player in the spare parts industry in South Africa. There was an immediate response from the public when our stores were initially converted, so the value was evident straight away. There has never been a question about the value of being in this family. The reality is that the strength of the brand has allowed us to remain relevant even in these tough economic conditions, and more than that, they really do care; they come out every year to ensure that we play our part, and because of their resources, we have access to information and resources in the industry that we would otherwise be without.

FUTURE PLANS - The plan or rather desire to grow is always there, so at the very least the intention is there, but this is a business first and foremost, and the economy is in slow down at the moment. However, if the opportunity did present itself, I would be more than happy to take on more franchises under the right conditions. We strive to leave a mark when it comes to all our customers, a way in which they can remember us, whether it’s through our services or just the mere interaction with our staff. That way we place ourselves first in the mind of the customer. This eventually works hand in glove with growth opportunities.




“ Midas is not only spare parts, but a community store. We would like to thank Eric and his team for being a pillar in the community. May your business grow from strength to strength"




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